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Live Green for a Green future.

About Us

Here at GreenGarden, we aim to make the world a greener place by reducing the use of non-degradable products and switching over to natural, bio-degradable products.

100% Natural

All materials used to make our products are 100% natural! This means there are no chemicals added at all and all materials used are 100% grown naturally.


Unlike plastic products, our products are bio-degradable which means it will be able to break down a lot faster than other materials like plastic.

No Chemicals

All our products have no chemicals at all so you won’t have to worry! Having no chemicals is great as it means no impact will be done to the environment when exposed. It is also healthier!


Most frequent questions and answers

Natural products are absolutely amazing as it can easily break down unlike materials such as plastic. It also doesnt affect the earth!

Shipping time will depend on your location! However, we can guarantee a maximum of 14 days if you are in Australia.

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